Packaging Material information

Our flexible packaging in paper, aluminum and polymer films protects, extends shelf life and helps the sellout of hundreds of different products, from the food industry to the pharma and cosmetic sectors, thanks to the selection of materials, the ingenuity of solutions, the outstanding print quality, we stand out in the industry.

We are specialists of flexible packaging and we base our excellence on a deep know how developed over many years servicing customers from different countries, different markets, different industry sectors. Our values are built and consolidated over time. We consider our experience the real value to be shared with our long-time business partners and new customers as well. Research and innovation, in materials, shapes, functional and graphic solutions are the challenges we, with our partners, invite all companies who believe in ideas and are not afraid to carry them forward to take part in. Together we can open new markets and exploit new business opportunities.

Food Films

- Bakery

- Confectionery

- Fresh Products

- Coffee

- Dried Foods & Powders

- Food Supplements

- Frozen Foods

- Yogurt

- Ready Meals

- Tea

- Drinks & Beverages

- Dry Pasta and Rice

- Dried Fruits

- Ice Cream & Popsicles

- Chips

Non-Food Films

- Stickers

- Pharma

- Cosmetics

- Tobacco

- Chemicals

Special Paper Films

- Recyclable paper based film

- Paper based film

- Combination paper and polymer film

- Tailored paper film